Are you Fat Burner or Sugar Burner?

Behind the scenes … of your body

This is the simplified version of what is happening in your body.

I wanna consider describing your day.

  • Is your day pretty level, do u wake up easily, ready to go?
  • Can you roll out of bed and be ready with your day?
  • Do you have a nice easy day with no many highs and lows?
  • Do you fall asleep easily in the 10 or 15 minutes?

The problem is with most of the people their days are nothing but highs and lows. And the lows are really low.

What is the reason?

Usually it has to do with blood sugar.

So if you:

  • describe your day as being high at some point and maybe it gets cranky and moody, no energy and then you go get some sugar and that’s how you become high,
  • depend on coke or some other soft drink?
  • depending on coffee to stimulate your energy,

than you need to consider the fact that you are on your way to diabetes, most likely.

The most common reason for those highs and lows is that you have hyperglycemia.

Now, that’s not a disease. What it means that your body doesn’t really have the ability or the inclination to burn fat between meals, that it’s so used on having highs and lows of sugar, that it overreacts or it is forced to overreact because you put too much sugar into the system and the body has to overcompensate and actually puts way more sugar that it should.

Basically the insulin response is too high, now you got hypoglycemia. Which means that your body overreacted. It means that you don’t maintain a blood sugar level that’s high enough.  Usually it’s been too high and then you took it too low.  It’s extremes.

I much rather like that your day will be level throughout.  You should get a slow easing of the cortisol, that means you will be less stimulated throughout the day and than you can fall asleep and have a nice night sleep.  If that’s not you, thats the first place you need to look, that’s the sugar!

Fat burners vs Sugar burner

Many people’s body prefers or can only use sugar, because it’s so used to getting that sugar.  You can get tested what exactly are your body burns, fat or sugar.

  • When tests were done on an athlete, results showed that the fat was burned primarily,  if not only fat was being burned.  In the end they will burn all the fuels, but predominantly, somebody that is taking care of himself, who has a condition of doing sports,  that eats well, he is found to be a fat burner.
  • Taking somebody that is not taking care of himself, eating a lot of sugar,  pretty much in poor health, he is found to be a sugar burner.

Can you do the shift?

The neat part is that you can become either one! You can go from being a sugar burner to being a fat burner. It’s a physiological shift.

What do you have to do?

In a sense: force you body to burn fat.

You have to let the sugar level be lower, to take in less sugar and get you body use  to metabolize fat again.

These things are done in clinics everyday where they can actually measure that shift, but you can do it as well. It’s about exercise and diet.

You need to work on endurance, working on perhaps longer activities, doesn’t have to be very intense, eventually the body is trained to burn fat. Also by this you will lose some weight. Obviously., if you start burning fat better you lose more weight.

Now we have to consider all the things that can help to achieve that (in clinics): the immune system being trigger,  medication (such as multivitamins), other things do get involved to push the fat burning,  BUT for most people is just that they didn’t have their body do the fat burning for a while.

If you are exercising, especially longer activities over 40 minutes, you are well into fat burning and your body is learning to metabolized that FAT.

But let’s say you sit in a chair, drink sodas and you eat sugar, you TRAIN your body to metabolize SUGAR.  And its not gonna be very good in metabolizing fat.

Again you can make the shift in each direction. If you are athletic and your life changes and you are suddenly sedentary, you are behind the desk working, you will become a sugar burner. And you’ll start getting weight. So in that case you need to make the shift to the fat burner again.

What else do you have to do?

You need to cut down the sugar.

Is it easy to cut down the sugar?

No, it is NOT.

You will go through a little of withdrawal, because you got an addiction to the sugar. It is a TRUE addiction. It’s REAL! And it will take time to get away from it, just like any other drug addiction.


You got to train your body to burn fat.  What you have to do is to start doing more longer workouts, if you are not already.

A lot of people think,  “I can do 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there” , “I’m busy during the day”,  it does NOT put you in the fat burning.  Usually you have to do a workout about 40 minutes.

Is it easy to start doing exercise?

No, is NOT. Actually you may not feel that good either. Why?

Because you drop the sugar and your body is going to REBEL. You will be really fatigue, because you don’t have that ready energy, you don’t have that high sugar rush.  You will be MOODY. You will be Cranky. You’re just not going to feel great.

BUT BEAR WITH IT, because it will reach that point where your body will learn to use that fat better and you come back and you come back STRONG.

You want to be a FAT BURNER in between your meals. You don’t want to shock your body with the sugar. And you want to teach it how to metabolize the fat.

You want to teach it to be able to use all the fuels. You got 3 major fuel sources. You do use your proteins for fuel as well, but you should minimize that and there is ways to do it. You can protect protein by just taking sufficient protein, but you can’t protect it by taking just enough carbohydrates.

  1. Eat high amounts of good fats.
  2. Eat sufficient amounts of protein (Take your ideal weight in pounds and divide it by 15 and you get the cooked lean protein per day you should eat).
  3. Eat high amounts of vegetables
  4. Eat less than customary amounts of carbohydrates
  5. Eat very little sugar

When one’s cells discover they have no access to sugar, they will start to break apart your bones and muscles to make sugar. To avoid this you must simultaneously:

  • Exercise
  • Eat a nutritious diet, that is high in good fats.

When we exercise (this includes vigorous muscle-building exercise such as walking up hills or weight lifting) in addition to some aerobic exercise, the body will not allow the breaking down of muscle and bone. The muscle building exercise tells the the body to build more muscle and the stress on the bones tells the body to make the bones stronger. This is your insurance policy against losing bone and muscle density.

The Main thing

The main thing is that you put your body in that FAT BURNING MODE. You do things that require to depend on fat.  You cut down on the sugar intake. Then you won’t get that hypoglycemia response.  Teach your body to burn fat and you’ll lose weight.


For all of you out there that think is just about not eating, that’s a big mistake! Because when you fast you probably burn out the protein,  believe it or not you will be fatter at the end after you skip those meals, because you burnt THE WRONG FUEL.


Learn how your body works. Learn how to work with it and you will get better results. Eat the right fats, eat the right carbohydrates, get enough protein!

  • lower the sugar
  • do 40 minutes of exercise (soon on the website there will be 40 minutes programs to follow daily)
  • eat well balanced

Be healthy!


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